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There are listed responses on frequently asked questions (FAQ) … and If you didn’t find your answer here, just call us or send us an email.

I would like to go on a specific trip, but no schedule has been announced. What can I do?

Write or call us, and we will agree on a schedule that will satisfy you, and then we will place the information on the website so others can join you. Or would you prefer a private trip? No problem. We can devote ourselves only to you and your partner, friends or family. Write to us, and we will agree on the price.

How many people participate in your trips?

Our terrain van has room for 7 guests, and if there are more of you then we will take along another terrain vehicle.

Can I use my own car?

Yes, if you have an SUV or off-road vehicle, you can join us.

If I travel in my own car, will I get a discount?

The price is the same whether you ride with us or take your own car. Why? You don't pay us for travelled kilometres, but for non-traditional experiences, a bit of adrenaline, the stories that the guide shares with you, the unique locations the guide takes you and the time that the guide devotes to you exclusively.

May I bring my dog along?

If you're travelling in your own car, you can even take your pet parrot if you wish. However, your pets are unfortunately not allowed in our vehicle, because some guests that travel with us may have allergies, and that situation would not turn out well.

Can I pay in cash on site?

Unfortunately, no. In order for us to be able to guarantee a place in our car, we must have your payment in our account. If you have a technical problem with paying by card or bank transfer, call us, and we will resolve it.

Is the journey in the terrain safe? May I bring children?

The journey is safe. If you follow the guide's instructions and don't engage in any crazy activities, then there is no risk of injury to you. You may bring children with you, but just remember to bring a child seat if one is needed. One exception is the visit to the Lehnschafter Adit, which is part of the trip through the industrial and virgin countryside of the Ore Mountains. We don't recommend bringing children along on that visit.

What should we take along?

Don't forget to bring sturdy shoes. While you may look nice in flip flops, their ankle support is not enough. Dress based on the weather. Certainly bring drinks and a snack. Photography enthusiasts should of course bring a camera, and we can lend you binoculars. If we go to the adit we can also lend you all necessary equipment such as a helmet, lights and jackets. If we go on a weekend expedition, you should take along something for the evening sit around the campfire (sausages, bread... but you know this). In the summer, sunglasses, suntan lotion and sometimes even swimsuits can come in handy.

Do your trips have an age limit?

No. We have already hosted a three-year-old toddler and a 95-year-old local. However, you should expect that several times we will get out and get into terrain vehicles, which may be demanding for persons with reduced mobility, and for most tours we will also not avoid having to walk a couple of metres up a hill in order to get to a beautiful viewing point. Upon request, we will be happy to organise an extra observation trip without exiting the vehicles.

Can trips be arranged in other languages?

Martin, who leads the trips, can also tell the unforgettable stories in English. In advance, we can arrange paid interpreters for German, Russian, Vietnamese and Ukrainian. Your own interpreter will have free admission.

Can the programme be adopted or adjusted based on our wishes?

Yes, we are open to your ideas and wishes. Call or write us and we will make an arrangement.

Do you go on trips even in bad weather?

We cancel tours only if there is extreme weather. In such cases, we will refund your money or agree on a new date for the trip. Rain, fog and snow will not affect the trips, but in fact will give the places we visit a bit of a different atmosphere. We always adapt the programme so that you don't miss out on anything important and you enjoy the trip as much as possible. For example, we can ensure that we visit more interesting places by limiting the number of stops where guests must get out of the vehicle.

May we purchase a trip as a gift?

Of course; you can purchase a voucher in the required value, which will automatically be sent to your email address, and the lucky recipient can then reserve the trip on our website based on their wishes.