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Contrasts and unexpected magic of the industrial and virgin landscape that leave a trail.


We host tours of the industrial and virgin landscapes of Northwest Bohemia. We will introduce you to the charming Ore Mountains laced with adits, the Tertiary volcanoes of the Central Bohemian Uplands, the stratovolcano of the Doupov Mountains and the Most coal basin, full of large surface mines and chemical factories.

Nowhere else will you find such completely different types of landscapes in one small area. In an adventurous way, we will introduce you to the past and present of the most dynamic region in Europe. We will take you to tunnels and military sites, to the best restaurants and mini-breweries, and we will accommodate you in cozy bed and breakfasts.

We will also show you things you won't find in travel books. Our tour guide will enhance your visual experience with interesting information about the landscapes and the life stories of local inhabitants. So, tie your shoes and off we go!