The surroundings of Most Lake off-road terrain nature



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€90 (child)
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Nasedněte s námi do terénní dodávky a vydejte se na jízdu okolo dřívějšího hnědouhelného lomu, ve kterém se teď třiptí průzračné jezero.

What to expect?

  • Take a seat in our SUV and set off with us on a journey around the former brown coal open-pit mine, which is now a clear, picturesque lake. 
  • You will learn a great deal of interesting information about the old city of Most, the moving of a church, mining shafts, local fauna and flora, the re-cultivation of the countryside and the past, present and future of the lake. 
  • You will see porcellanite, trace fossils of Tertiary plants, succession layers and petrified wood.
  • You will be convinced that even a man-made landscape can have its charm.

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23. 10. 2019


€90 (child)

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