Along the footsteps of World War II history military

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  • Military fans
  • History enthusiasts
  • Seniors
  • Families with children
Set off with us for a journey to places which are well known for the crucial moments of the World War II and feel the atmosphere of this period.

What to expect?

  • We will visit positions of aircarft defence cannons so-called „Flak“ 
  • We can take you to trench shelters  so called „Splintergraben“ and well-preserved air-raid shelter in an of old factory area
  • We will visit also German Civil defense „Luftschutz“ shaft
  • We will explore areas of former forced labor camp and also prisoner-of-war camp situated near the petrochemical company
  • We will tell you about allied bombing of Chemical plant in Záluží and about the life in forced labor camps.


  • aircraft defence cannon
  • bomb shelters
  • labor and prison war camps


  • tour guide services for the duration of the trip
  • transport in our 4x4 vehicle
  • pick-up service at your hotel in Prague
  • lunch in a local restaurant
  • bottled water

Trip details

We will pick you up at your hotel in Prague in the morning and take you back in the evening. There will be a half-hour break during the trip for lunch at a local restaurant.

Soak up the atmosphere